Tartini Frozen Yogurt Bar

Enjoy the best treats at Tartini Frozen Yogurt. By the best, we mean our self-serve frozen yogurt, the most delicious and healthiest indulgent snack food that’s made only with the highest quality ingredients and swirled from the latest machines supplied by the Frozen Yogurt Shop Outfitters. Check out the nutritional facts and ingredients these guys used.. Not only that, we also mean the best in nutrition; each serving of Tartini contain live, active cultures; is gluten free; and Kosher. It’s obvious in the wonderful balance of creaminess and tartness in the taste of our yogurt. Our special non-fat variety is hard to match and definitely hard to forget. Check out our daily offerings here. There’s no need to deprive yourself of life’s little pleasures especially now when you know it’s good for you. Our focus on taste has not overlooked nutrition. We only use premium quality yogurt mixes that’s guaranteed to deliver the combination of yogurt’s benefits. We take care to make our product as if they’re homemade, created always with our customer’s health and enjoyment in mind. And we don’t stop at the frozen yogurt. While many a yogurt franchise will boast of nutrition in their cups of froyo, we also ensure them in the selections we offer for toppings. We pay attention to the freshness of our wide fruit selections. Check out our wide array of toppings as featured on this site. We do our best to source locally whenever possible, ensuring better quality. With the exception of exotic fruits such as kiwi and other tropical delights, as much as possible, the nearest local farms act as supplier for the bountiful selection of fruit toppings found in our shops. And again, we see no point in tainting our premium frozen yogurt with low cost, generic candy toppings. We only provide the brands we all know and love. If you’re going to indulge, you might as well have the best tasting and most nutritionally rewarding version available. Drop by and give our froyo machines and our toppings bar a whirl. It’s going to be a guilt-free trip of delight for sure.